In a certainly uncertain world, one thing you can always count on is the value and awe that is nature. For, regardless of your religious beliefs or idealogy, NATURE IS TRANSCENDENTAL AND SPIRITUAL.

Our lives are hurried and filled with materialism, consumerism, politics, technology and gadgets. And those gadgets, well, they need other gadgets and cables and accessories, and cell phones, and blackberrys, etc, etc, etc….. Now we even keep track of each others’ thoughts and daily doings and we do most of our socializing and networking through the computer. Yes, the wonderful advancement and automation that is technology, computers, the web, which keeps most of us connected yet ultimately disconnected….

The objective of this blog is simply intended to remind you of the majesty and inspiration, serenity and wonderment that is nature.

So in other words, put the gadgets down…chill a bit and go outside……absorb, meditate, respect, contemplate and appreciate.

© 2009 Hilda Perez

  • May 21st, 2009
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